GWL 24th April 1919

“Very warm.  As a rule now we have a thunderstorm between 2 & 3 PM which makes venturing forth rather uncertain. I forgot to tell you that I went to the midnight mass in the Russian Cathedral on Easter Eve.  It was a most wonderful show.  The singing was magnificent.  All unaccompanied.  I stayed for about 2 hours & then went home.  I think my friend, who went away about the middle of last month, will be back shortly.  He has been fooling round South Russia & I hear from his fellow that he was caught by the Bolshevik in Manipol, I shall be awfully pleased to see him again.  Absolutely no news.  Nothing much to do in barracks or out.  We are all awfully fit these days.  We have a half hour’s walk into the decent part of the town.  I hope the time is getting near now when I shall see you.  Beastly scirocco to-day.”

{next post 26th April}

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