GWL 23rd August 1917

I am afraid your letters between 18th & 21st July have gone to feed the fishes.  Hope they will enjoy them as much as I should have.  A most excellent pair of boots arrived to-day.  They fit awfully well.  The town has stopped burning now.  They are pulling down some bits and blowing up others.  Altogether a glorious muddle.  They say the smells are first class.  There is a ten days mail coming up to-morrow.  We have had to shoot one of my puppies.  He took to taking bits out of people when they were not looking.  I am awfully sorry.  He was a beautiful dog and really very friendly, but he used to take sudden dislikes.  My young helpmates are the limit.  One of course is sighing for his departed fair.  Another has had a slight turn of fever, his first, and is as cantankerous as an old man of 80 with the gout.

Three more kittens have turned up.  Practically the same as the first lot.  They will be known as Mark II Vickers & Mark II Maxim & Mark II Rexer Madsen.  Went out this evening to continue the survey of my domain & find to my intense annoyance that one of the points fixed by the “forlorn one” is 5′ too far to the S. and 150x too far to the N.  They are the limit these Y.O.’s — But he is a good lad.  Rather a quaint thought.  The modern 2nd lieut: draws about 2 1/2 times as much as the pre-war mark; but ask him to make a sketch, read a map, or drill a company – You might as well ask for the moon.  Finding the summer just a little bit trying.  Blood getting rather thin!!  But feeling particularly merry and bright to-night.  There is a peculiar type of diminutive earwig (specimens enclosed) resident here.”

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The First World War seen through the letters of George Power

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