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GWL 16th June 1917

We are having a month of thunderstorms.  One and sometimes two, a day.  It becomes rather boring after a bit.  We have just had a real big one and very nearly a flood.  The hut leaked like a sieve on one side; not mine; thank Heaven.  The little stream that runs round the camp rose to depth of 5 feet; its normal depth is 2 inches.  All the draining we have done in the last four months has, in about 5 minutes, all been swept away and has to be begun again.  We have managed so far to keep the mosquitos within moderate bounds.  The others have gone out to a concert to-night.  Cats & I have the place to ourselves.

Bad show that raid on London.

‘The Dolly Dialogues’ have arrived.  I see the book has Capt. McMahon’s name in the beginning.  I am so sorry about Grandage.  I was awfully fond of him.  A very good friend, always cheery and a jolly good doctor.”

The air raid probably refers to the raid on London on the evening of June 13th.  A number of large German Gotha bombers took part in the raid killing 162 including 18 children when a bomb came through the roof of Upper North Street Infant School in Poplar.  Below is the Memorial unveiled in 1919.

Upper North Street memorial, June 1919 (1)

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