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GWL 11th June 1917

We are all praying for rain.  Our unified efforts have so far managed to produce about half a dozen drops.  Not enough.  It is raining a little now.  No news at all, and no mail.  Are my letters arriving any better?  Two more drops of rain.  Further foolishness on the part of the aeroplanes yesterday and to-day.  I am afraid our hens are doing no war work.  They have not laid an egg since they have been here.

Just heard about the Messiness show.  Really it is wonderful.  Sat in front of that blessed position for some very unpleasant months.  Dear dirty old St Eloi, too.  The cats are in great form.  Will you send me a pair of marching boots?  This ground is awfully hard on boots and they mend them so badly.”

The Battle of Messines was a prelude to the Third Battle of Ypres and was characterised by the co-ordinated detonation of 600 tons of explosive in 19 mines under the Messines ridge, southeast of Ypres.  This massive eruption is thought to have killed at least 10,000 German soldiers.  The associated artillery barrage and infantry advance supported by tanks resulted in a significant Allied advance.

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