GWL 11th August 1917

Your letters have arrived up to 23rd July.  It always amuses me the rot these correspondents talk about these air raids over London.  They all seem to expect that the German machines should be met by thousands of ours before they arrive at london.  Apparently they don’t realise that it only takes a little over an hour for them to get to London from their home.  In that time the information has to get to London & the machines have to get their height.  The whole thing is an impossibility.

Done a bit of shooting to-day & my ears are fairly buzzing.  Awfully hot, with sudden gusts of wind, which last about five or ten minutes.  My engaged subaltern is very sad at heart.  His lady is going home.  I can sympathise with the lady & him but they have had a very good innings, haven’t they?

What rotters the Russians are.  They make me sick.  They are about as fit to govern themselves as my old, old men.”

The comments concerning the Russians probably refers to the “July Days”, a period of turbulent infighting within the Russian hierarchy with the Bolsheviks led by Lenin being temporarily suppressed by the Kerensky government.

{next post 13th August}

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