GWL 8th August 1917

I have just seen in the paper that Peter was mentioned in the Salonica dispatch dated 29th March.  I am awfully glad – The lad has done some real good work since he came out.  I also see Papa’s D.S.O.

You cannot think how tour parcels are appreciated here.  The eggs are just a little bit difficult to deal with though – The cook is such a fool.  We are having a tremendous strafe against the malaria bug.  Doctor and I get out and hunt bout in the pools for the little devils.  Killed quite a lot to-night & strafed them thoroughly.  They have just told us that the mails from London of 4th & 5th July have gone.  I think there must have been a letter of yours amongst them.  Rather warm just now, but nothing unbearable.”

It’s not clear what Peter received his Mention  for as little happened during the period leading up to the end of March.

{next post 11th August}

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