GWL 3rd August 1917

No mail for quite a long time now.  How is the holiday going?  There is no news from this part of the world at all.  The cats are growing in stature and in wisdom daily.  One kept me awake most of last night crawling on my face.  Rather a nice calculation for you.  I dreamt that a man was firing a rifle at my face once every minute.  He fired about 5 rounds and heaps of things happened in the period.  I woke up at last and found the Vickers cat sitting on my neck purring.  Presumably each shot was a purr.  Estimated that the cat purred at the rate of 1200 times a minute.  Calculate the length of the dream!  Length of dream about 25th of a second!  Write to the Society for Psychical Research at once.”

On the 2nd and 3rd of August elements of the crew of the German Battleship Prinzregent Luitpold went on hunger strike and marched into the naval town of Wilhelmshaven in protest at their conditions.  This was representative of the declining morale generally within the German Forces.

{next post 6th August}

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