GWL 17th July 1917

Thanks so much for the cigars.  They are so good.  Nothing has arrived to say from whom they come, but I think they must be from you.  To-day has been a great day for parcels.  The cigars & a pipe, a real beauty, from Mother.  My adjutant’s birthday is on the day after mine.  We are celebrating on the 23rd.  A goose has been bought!  The government has evidently discovered, like the Jew of old his corn in Egypt, that there are rabbits in Australia. They seem to turn up in shiploads.  Perfectly good rabbits.  My small cats are a joy for ever. They really are most charming little beasts.  They follow me all over the place.  You have not said what you got yourself for your birthday.”

On this day the name of the Royal Household was changed by Royal Proclamation from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the House of Windsor.  This was in response to the growing anti-German feeling in Britain.  The original name was a consequence of the paternal German origins of the Royal Family.

{next post 19th July}


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