GWL 14th July 1917

French having a ‘beano’ to-day.  Something to do with Bastille.  Awfully warm.  To-day your letter came saying how “Papa” got bent.  Must have been a pretty poor brake.

There is no news at all except that Colonel Burges turned up to-day.  I was awfully glad to see him.  I think he was looking a good deal thinner than when I saw him last.  We are still doing a very nice course of rabbits.  We liked them awfully for the first 3 days and then rabbits twice a day for a week began to be just a little wearisome.  They have begun again now.  The small cats love them.  That is an advantage.  Their chief diet seems to be grass-hoppers.”

As the tide started to turn against Germany changes were happening within the leadership with the Imperial Chancellor, Herr von Bethmann-Holweg resigning and being succeeded by Dr Michaelis.

{next post 17th July}

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