GWL 12th July 1917

Absolutely nothing to write about to-day.  Some of your letters have been sunk, I am afraid.  What exactly happened to your papa?  An officer of mine has just come back off leave.  He brings a whiff of England back with him.  After blowing hard for five days it has stopped now and is jolly hot again.  That is a very nice book that your mother sent me.  He seems to have been in most places, doesn’t he?  Two of the small cats each caught a mouse in the store tent this morning.  Very full indeed they are now.  Can hardly move now.  The person off leave has brought back a lot of gramophone records – some good others bad.”

The extreme heat and the ever present risk of malaria meant that activity on both sides was limited during the summer months.  The 2nd Gloucesters withdrew from the Struma Valley to the hills behind, only re-entering the Valley for periods of front line duty.

{next post 14th July}

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