GWL 9th July 1917

Your letter of the 20th came to-day, saying that your papa had got bent somehow, but committing to say how.  I’m sorry he got bent, but very glad it was no worse.  There is no news at all.  The cat seems to be preparing another contribution which is a beastly nuisance.  Moderation in all things.  Blowing very hard indeed.  The hut waggles in rather an alarming way, but it is really quite safe.  I think one or two of your letters must be missing.  Has Ion left England?  You talk of Tizzie going back to Ireland.  I want a refit most badly.  All my gear wants sorting out.  I have got the sort of feeling the I would like to throw away everything I have and buy a complete new outfit.  It would not amount to much.  A book has just arrived from Mozzer.  My poor Mamma seems to have no luck at all; she always seems to be bumping herself about.  She is having a good deal of trouble about a house for the summer also.”

On this day HMS Vanguard, one of three St Vincent class Dreadnought battleships, sank in Scapa Flow following an internal explosion.  The exact cause of the explosion was never identified.  The explosion was so violent that the ship sank almost instantly with the loss of all except three of the crew.

HMS Vanguard

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