GWL 7th July 1917

The mosquito net you sent me is a great success.  The cats climb up and down it all day.  It is very hot now.  We are all very moist.  The flies are keeping down well.  Not half as many as last year.  I think it would be as well not to send any more butter.  The last two parcels have come in with the butter all melted.  Please thank Sears for the toffee.  I hope she is keeping fit.  We have got a hen sitting on some eggs – jolly hot work for the egg this weather.  I am afraid the chickens, if any, will find it rather warm.  We have been overhauling our water supply – making new chambers at the springs and things.  Rather difficult in some ways particularly when using cement.  Thank the Lord the water is good.  It comes out of the ground quite warm.  No mail for some time.”

On this day the Germans carried out their last daylight air raid on London.  Margate was also attacked.  75 bombs were dropped in total resulting in 57 deaths and 193 injured, mostly civilians.

{next post 9th July}

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