GWL 27th June 1917

Hot, but nothing really to complain about.  A thunderstorm every day and sometimes two. A flood about once a week.  This morning I started to learn the Braille alphabet.  I can quite see that it must be a blind man to learn.  Especially if he is not too sure how to spell things.  Everybody is to be stuck again – measles or something this time, I believe – Nothing of Arthur so far.

We start work early in the morning these days.  Knock off at 11 until 16.30 (sic!) and then go on again.  How are the plans for your summer?  Myself I don’t think I shall leave town!  Of course, it is very hot having to walk everywhere, with no taxis or things of that kind.  Oh what rot we do write.  The goats of some damn Greek came along the other night & ate more vegetable marrows.  This fellow will miss a goat or two some night; or perhaps his goats will miss him.”

On this day Prime Minister Venizelos assumed full power in Athens and the whole of Greece formally entered the War on the Allied side.

{next post 4th July}

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