GWL 25th June 1917

The Braille treatise you did me has just arrived.  The typing was awfully good.  I have not had time yet to go through it.  It looks pretty complicated.  The flies have become bad again just lately, but Master Mosquito is still fairly rare.  Not a scrap of news of any kind.  The hens are doing good work.  They manage to produce about 9 eggs in two days between 5 of them.  One of the small cats yesterday ate a whole dragon fly.  To-day she is feeling “just a liddle bit”.  We gave her some castor oil which seems to have done the trick all right.”

On this day the first 14,000 of the more than 2 million US troops who were to fight in the War arrived in St Nazaire.  At this stage they were poorly trained and didn’t enter the fighting until four months later.


US troops arriving at St Nazaire

{next post 27th June}

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