GWL 22nd June 1917

Very busy for the last week or so.  The thunderstorms continue, but it does not seem to make it any cooler.  There is not a scrap of news of any kind.  Last night we had that tin of corn you sent us for tea.  It was very good indeed, and nobody was ill after it.  Our friend the Boche comes over regularly every morning between 6.30 & 8.  Everybody has gone out to-day and the cats & myself have the camp to ourselves.  There is no milk in the land at all & I have an awful job to keep the cats supplied.  They are the only people in the camp who get it.  The people coming down here have developed a pernicious habit of turning up a day too early.  We get 12 hours off in a fortnight & that goes west unless they turn up on the right day.  Give my love to anybody, in that strange land, England, that wants it.”

On 21st June mutiny broke out in the Russian Black Sea Fleet based in Sevastopol as the Russian Revolution gathered pace.

{next post 25th June}


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