GWL 20th June 1917

Still thunderstorms weather, but so far to-day we have not had one.  This should arrive somewhere about your birthday.  Get yourself something you want.  I don’t remember Mayer down here.  But such a lot go through, one cannot remember everybody.  I am glad he enjoyed himself here.  Further foolishness this morning from Boche, but they say they bagged him.  I hope they did.  A great thing happened to-day.  Hetty the Hen laid an egg.  This brilliant feat was equalled later in the day by Emily and Agnes. I believe they have been laying all the time but that the transport men have been bagging them.  No sign of D. Burges Esqre yet.  Has he left?  These storms have kept things cool.  I cannot remember them last year.  I have just received a receipt from Cox’s….. which I enclose.

Well this grimy old world still goes round.  I should have thought it would have stopped, from sheer disgust, long ago.”

{next post 22nd June}

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