GWL 8th June 1917

Not a bit of news.  Rather hot and blowy.  Boche plane over every morning about 8am as regular as can be.  He is generally so high that you can hardly see him.  Yesterday I played tennis for a bit and beat the ball with considerable violence but very little accuracy and got very warm indeed.  Then when knocking out my pipe I broke the mouthpiece.  On the whole it was a kind of mixed afternoon.  I do wish there was something to write about.  With the first new potatoes the garden subject is exhausted.  Nothing in the way of new arrivals amongst the livestock on the estate seems about to take place.  The small cats have torn up my mosquito net pretty effectively.  I think they are half wild.  They are awfully fierce.

I wonder what it is like to live in a civilised country.  These nature enthusiasts are all very fine.  Nature is topping when studied under good conditions but when you have to take her as she comes, “no wanchee”.  Do you remember that foolish book the “Centaur”?”

On this day the 10th Battle of the Isonzo ended.  Approximately 50,000 soldiers from both the Italian and Austro-Hungarian Armies were killed with only a very limited Italian gain.

{next post 11th June}

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