GWL 22nd May 1917

I am glad to say that we have, I think, put the squasher on the bugs.  Our sleep has not been troubled since the first night and only stray ones have been seen walking about.  Nothing to matter.  We are busy now, amongst other things, building new stables for the beasts.  Their winter residence was nearly worn out.  The wind is blowing the paper all over the place and makes writing rather hard.  The small cats are ingrate form.  They crawl all over the place in imminent peril of being stepped on.  Just now it looks like thunder.  We have not had a storm for sometime.  I had a most amusing morning with the Frenchmen yesterday.  They dod all sorts of comical things quite seriously.  Bower bank, the engaged lad, is fitting up a small sitting room at one end of the hut.  It has a distinctly feminine touch about it.  He is a charming fellow and works awfully hard – He rejoices in the name of ‘the Tank’ – being very large indeed.”

On this day the series of engagements known as Battle of the Crna Bend (also known as Battle of the Vardar) 1917 came to an end.  This was a series of actions aimed at making a breakthrough towards Monastir.  The British Doiran offensive was designed to happen at the same time to tie up predominantly Bulgarian troops.  The main Allied forces were French with support form the Italians and Russians.  The central Powers forces were predominantly Bulgarian but with significant German support.  Although there were some initial Allied gains, these positions were retaken by Bulgarian counter-attacks.  Ultimately there was little gain with significant casualties on both sides.

{next post 1st June}

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