GWL 20th May 1917

A most windy day & rather cold.  Your letters have now come up to the 25th.  They are awfully welcome and I only wish that mine arrived half as well.  It is a very long time since we had a ‘makee pray’ – I think about last July was the last one I can remember.  A padre came and called on us the other day – very glad to see him.  He was an interesting man and had done a lot of lion hunting at one time or another.  You must be glad the winter is over.  It is almost 2 years to the day since I went on leave first.  I should like to meet Baraldi – If all goes well at then of this bally show I hope I will.  England must be very pleasant now.  Trees & things coming out.  Yesterday we had the devil of a disinfecting again.  It seems to have done some good.  Nobody has been attacked since that first night.  My word how they went for us.  To-morrow I am going to visit a spot in the hills, where the French have an establishment.”

On this day the Serbian government moved from Corfu to Salonika.  This probably facilitated greater involvement of Serbian forces with the Allies in later actions.

{next post 22nd May}

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