GWL Undated probably 17th/18th May 1917

Last night was our first night in the new house.  I don’t think anyone of us is likely to forget it in a hurry.  Not one atom of sleep did we get.  Bugs!  They found the adjutant at 10.30 p.m. they found me at 11 P.M.  We fought them and scratched all night.  At 2.30 A.M. we had a tin of biscuits and a pipe.  To-day we had an enormous clean out.  Cresol and the Lord knows what poured in gallons all over the place.  They drop from the roof and appear from every crack.  To-morrow the sanitary section has undertaken to get rid of them.  Their great stunt is to drop on your head from the roof!  I have rigged an awning over my bed with a fly paper fringe, Also put a magic circle of Cresol round my bed, so theoretically they cannot get at me.  The other officers in the hut have fled.  I will keep this open & let you know to-morrow how we got on!

A perfectly good night.  One got through the Cresol barrage but died just on the other side.”

The Battle of Bullecourt, part of the Arras offensive, comes to its conclusion.

{next post 20th May}

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