GWL 15h May 1917

The carrots continue to be sneaked by the ants.  All the same some have begun to grow.  Otherwise there is no news whatever – Your letter of the 23rd arrived to-day.  The parcel you are sending out by the Colonel will be awfully useful.  There is no doubt about it, it is getting very warm.  What is master frank doing now?

We are busy now with the interior of our house.  It is 53′ long and 20′ wide and seems chiefly to consist of windows.  At one end is to be the orderly room, at the other end a small sitting room for the officers of the Staff, and between are four bedrooms.  It is a truly remarkable abode…… All the partitions are made of matting.  It is raised up on piles, so the space below the floor will make an ideal summer retreat for the dogs.  “Plenty small kit” over again.  To-morrow we begin experimenting again.  My dogs are very charming – Getting very big.”

At the top of the French Command general Petain took command of the French Northern and Northeastern Armies and he is in turn succeeded as Chief of the General Staff by General Foch.

{next post 17th May}

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