GWL 12th May 1917

Quite an encouraging day on the whole.  The house is finished.  At least they have swept all the rubbish into one corner and gone.  Of course it would be too much to expect them to put the rubbish outside.  One anon has appeared at last.  But on the other hand, the carrot bed is covered in ants who are very busy carting the seeds away.  We sprayed them with fly destroyer, but without result.  The very deuce of a thunderstorm to-day.  It started at about 2 and went on all the afternoon.  Rain in torrents & trees and things washed onto the roads – Quite a flood.  About 3.30 I did the Noah trick and sent forth an imaginary dove and was greeted by the traditional flash of lightning.  A Greek & his donkey were carried away by the stream down by the Serres road.  Last seen swimming strongly through Salonique.  On the whole a memorable day.  The war seems no nearer its blasted end.  It is rather cold since the rain.  Funny weather.  We have got 500 pounds of seed potatoes!  How on earth we are going to get them planted, I don’t know.”

The Tenth Battle of the Isonzo begins.  The Italians advanced under the command of Luigi Cadorna.  After initial gains the Italians were driven back by the Austro-Hungarian forces.  As with the previous nine Battles little ground changed hands.  Casualties were once again high.

{next post 15th May}

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