GWL 10th May 1917

How are you to-day?  I am glad some letters have turned up.  Nothing is known in the Battalion about D.B. coming out.  Clarence Gardner has got a second in command’s job to the battalion Colonel Beasley is commanding.  Nothing has come up yet in the garden.  I am afraid I am rather impatient.  I like to go and look at the things growing but when there is nothing there it seems rather futile.  An onion which I dug up last night was showing signs of life, which is encouraging.  My house is practically finished as regards the four walls & roof.  The next thing to do is to get the interior fixed up.  It is going to be nice and cool during the hot weather.

One of my sergeants picked up a detonator the other day and did not know what it was!  He thought it would make a nice pencil case so started picking about inside it with a pin.  Of course the thing went off,  after the habit of detonators, and blew his hand off – You can never get to the bottom of the ignorance of some people.”

During this time the 2nd Gloucesters were involved in a number of raids in the Struma Valley.  These were mainly minor skirmishes of no consequence.

{next post 12th May}

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