GWL 7th May 1917

Your letters have all arrived up to that written on April 19th.  The parcels all come too.  It is awfully hot.  I have got plenty of cool clothes.  The kittens have begun to grow like the devil.  They have all got blue eyes!  Alas, one of the matrons at this establishment tried conclusions with a motor lorry the other day and has left this vale of tears.  I am not sorry. She was not a beautiful beast.  Last night we planted many spuds.  To-night we propose to plant some marrows!  Somehow I have no faith in my gardening.  Yesterday I caught an ant running off with one of my carrot seeds.  There is no news whatever.”

The preliminary artillery barrage of the Battle of Doiran continued until the infantry advance late on the 8th May.  The initial assault was carried out by three Scottish battalions: 11/Scottish Rifles, 12/Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and 10/Black Watch.  They were supported by 8/Royal Scots Fusiliers, 9/Gloucesters and 8/Ox & Bucks.  Due to a combination of ruptured communications, inadequate artillery barrage and well organised Bulgarian defence, the attack was a failure with the loss of more than 5,000 officers and men on the British side.  Bulgarian losses were far fewer.

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