GWL 5th May 1917

A most industrious day.  Back to the land, so to speak.  This evening we dug up quite a big patch and sowed a lot of onions and carrots!  the seeds have just arrived in the country; a bit late, I am afraid.  Lovely weather and getting quite warm.  My house has not been pulled down lately, so the floor has got fixed up more or less.  Our potato patch has been such a success that we have got another 500 pounds of seed potatoes.  They ought to be ready about Christmas, so they say!  Rather a long time, but it is nice to see things growing;  don’t you think so?  Tried to buy some hens the other day, but they wanted 20/- each for them, so said, no.

Do you think you could send me “Dolly Dialogues”.  I have not read them for about a year & like them awfully.  One of my fool mules has got into the habit of picking up stray nails in his feet.  Three in the last two days.  Now the idiot is lame & has to be tied up when the others are loose, & stands up in the lines & shouts.  It is no good telling him it is his fault.”

Dolly Dialogues (published 1894) was the first major success of Anthony Hope (Hawkins), a prolific writer at the turn of the 20th Century.  He is probably best known for The Prisoner of Zenda.  The first edition of the Dolly Dialogues was illustrated by Arthur Rackham.

On this day the artillery barrage which signalled the beginning of the Battle of Vardar (1917) started.

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