GWL 2nd May 1917

The great work of putting up and pulling down my house goes on.  And meantime we are winning lots of wood that we otherwise should not have got.  So it works out about even.  All the cooks are going sick.  The doctor has a new orderly, whose job it is to look after the water supply.  Today he chlorodined the drinking water tank, so we look like having a merry summer.”

On this day the Third Battle of the Scarpe and the Battle of Bullecourt as part of the Arras Offensive began.  This was a two-pronged offensive designed to push the Germans further back.  The Australian 4th Division advanced on the remains of the village of Bullecourt but the advance failed and more than 1000 soldiers were taken prisoner by the Germans.  The British attack was also a complete failure.


The Hindenburg Line, Bullecourt May 1917.


Canadian soldiers inspecting a dead german soldier in the aftermath of the failed assault on Bullecourt.

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