GWL 30th April 1917

I am sorry my letters are not arriving.  I do wish I could do something to make them punctual.  Tucker says the same thing is happening with his.  His people have not had one for a fortnight.  Peter has gone.  I was sorry to see him go.  The measles are a nuisance.  Let’s hope you don’t get them.  Quite hot again now and really very pleasant weather.  They have started putting up my house.  They did two days work on it & have now pulled it all down again!  Apparently the foundations were all wrong.  This camp swarmed with medical officers this morning, all trying to find mosquito larvae.  After an hours’ solid work they found one.  We have done a good deal to strafe the devils here.  What the charming gentlemen do not seem to understand is that the men come down here to learn machine gunning and not the gentle art of draining streams.  The old old men here cannot do their own job, let alone anything extra.”

On April 28th the US Congress passed a Bill raising 500,000 men for the War effort and on the 29th General Petain was appointed Chief of the French General Staff.

{next post 2nd May}

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