GWL 27th April 1917

Raining a bit still.  Peter goes tomorrow.  It has been nice having him here.  Not a word of news.  They seem to be sinking rather a lot of ships, but I suppose things are going on all right.  My house still arrives in carts.  There is an enormous pile of timber outside my tent.  I suppose somebody some day will come and put it up.  I am blessed if I can.  I think I have decided more or less which is the roof and which the floor and of course the windows are more or less obvious, but the rest is glorious muddle.  Last night all the dogs took it into their heads to bark.  If they really set about it they can make a pretty good row as all the shepherds’ dogs round about join in.  The animals are looking so well.  It is quite a pleasure to see them.  Some of them when they first came here were awfully thin.  The new grass is just what they want.”

[next post 30th April}

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