GWL 25th April 1917

A truly bad day.  It has been raining since early morning and looks as though it would go on for ever.  Peter’s stay here is, alas, drawing to a close.  It has been perfectly delightful having him here.  He is an extra-ordinarily competent lad.  Hands very cold & I cannot write.  Our potatoes are growing awfully well.  When one is not a gardener one hardly expects things that are planted to come up.  At present they look as though they will become in time very fine trees indeed, but whether there will be any spuds on the end, I doubt.  A friend of mine among the Lillies has procured me a hut!  My house arrived this morning in about 8 G.S. wagons.  It is second hand, but looks in very good condition.  Who is going to pt it up, the Lord only knows.  I cannot quite make out yet which is the roof and which the floor, but I suppose it will sort itself out.  I hope the holiday was a success, & am awfully glad you took it.”

The First Battle of Doiran commenced on the night of the 24th.  Three Divisions under the command of General Milne commenced the assault.  However accurate Bulgarian intelligence led to stern resistance and counterattacking from the Bulgarian forces.  Of the 43,000 of the British contingent, there were 12,000 casualties, in which was a particularly bloody conflict.


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