GWL 22nd April 1917

The second battle of Ypres began two years ago to-day.  It seems a long time ago.  Rather warmer to-day, though still just a little bit ‘parky’.  They say that 3 mails from here have gone west.  If that is so I am afraid you will be without a letter for some time to come.

Your cat seems to be doing pretty well.  Mine has produced three of the smallest kittens I have ever seen.  She began very young.  We had a lovely rumour here yesterday – Austria had broken off diplomatic relations with Germany! & three German cruisers had been sunk off Dover – Turned out to be two destroyers – I will say this for our rumourists; they produce nearly all good news rumours.  Our potato patch is doing great work – With luck we ought to get a couple of dozen.”

The two destroyers referred to were G85 and G42 which were both V25 class destroyers an were part of a six ship fleet attacked in the Dover Straits by two British destroyers Swift and Broke.  G85 was sunk by a torpedo and G42 rammed and sank.

german torpedo boat

V25 Class German Destroyer

{next post 25th April}

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