GWL 20th April 1917

A beastly cold wet day.  Rather a change after the last week of hot weather.  Everything in the camp seems to have gone mad this morning.  Mules galloping all over the camp pursued by dogs, and the cat has had three kittens!  There is one little white dog in camp whom I loathe.  He barks at mules, he barks at me.  He is a thoroughly mean dog.  This morning I hit him plum on the nose with a rock as he was pursuing a mule.  Quite happy now.  A month’s scores have been settled against that dog.  I am not in the habit of heaving rocks at dogs — But I cannot remember loathing a dog as I do this one.  Last night the rest of the staff being out, Peter & I had a long yarn.”

Preparations were being made at this time for a British offensive along the Doiran-Vardar line.  The Bulgarians had heavily fortified the line with a double trench system with a double row of barbed wire in advance of the trenches.


A Bulgarian lookout position on the Doiran – Vardar front.

{next post 22nd April}

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