GWL 10th April 1917

It is getting monstrous warm.  I think the mails go very irregularly from here.  They seem to take about a week longer than they used to.  We sometimes think that we can hear Arthur shooting here.  Of course it is a long way off, but the bang must be pretty big.  Still no mail.  The people here now are much easier to teach than the old old men we had for  short time.  They were truly ghastly.  The fees are just beginning to be a nuisance.  Also a very fine crop of ‘Daddy – long – legs’ have turned up in the last day or two.  We made one tight on whisky and sugar last night.  He was a melancholy sight.”

On this day HMHS Salta was sunk off Le Havre by a mine laid by U-boat UC 26.  She was on her way to pick up casualties and sank within 10 minutes with the loss of 9 nurses, 42 members of the RAMC and 79 crew.


{next post 12th April}

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