GWL 29th March 1917

All your letters have come up to that written on 14 March.  Four came in a bunch to-day.  Really glorious to-day.  Rather warm but we must expect that.  We have to get rid of a good many of our hounds which is rather sad as the are cheery little beasts, although hey do often bark most of the night.  The fly parade seems to be answering rather well.  The first night most of them thought it was a joke and produced most flying ants!  Things are different now.  A mighty mosquito hunt is also taking place.

I wonder how long it will be before we are in Jerusalem.  They seem to have been sitting on the edge of Palestine for some time & people don’t build railways for nothing.  Send along anything you hear about Arthur.”

[Two letters written between March 29th and April 5th are missing.  They were certainly sunk when the Salonica mail of April 8th was torpedoed.  M.H.P.]

During this time the United States declared war on Germany on April 6th.

[next post 8th April]

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