GWL 26th March 1917

Very warm.  It rained a bit last night but to-day is quite the hottest day we have had.  We have inaugurated great fly campaign.  There are very few at present, but each man on the Staff has to produce 5 flies daily.  As they increase so the number to produce increases.  Whether it will work or not I don’t know.  Anyhow there cannot be more than if it had never been started.  Can there?

Thank the Lord the present old men go away to-morrow.  They have succeeded in nearly all driving us all off our heads. There is no news.  Still no mail, thought they say they have hopes the they will ketone to-morrow.  I do hope they will.  I have not heard from Peter since he went up.  The lad borrowed my Burberry as his own had been sneaked.  I shall have to get another from the ordnance.  Have you thought about your holiday?”

The First Battle of Gaza took place between the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) and Ottoman forces with defeat for the Allies and the loss of more than 4000 killed,injured or missing.

Gaza 25 March 1917

Sketch of the positions in the First Battle of Gaza.


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