GWL 24th March 1917

Perfectly glorious weather.  Hot and no wind.   Everything is growing.  Growing coming up and all sorts of queer bugs.  Our mails have all gone wrong the last few days.  Let’s hope they will get right again soon.  That photograph of your pupil is very nice.  The mules and horses are having the time of their life with the new grass.  They have all clipped out awfully well.  There is nothing like letting them go and graze when they have finished their work.  They get so frightfully bored standing tied up allay.  I have got some old men down here now who would have made Job absolutely profane.  The trouble is that they work so awfully hard.  One is a professor at London University!  The other a solicitor in Dublin.  Their brain pans are about 10 times the size of mine but for this kind of work they are fools — Just as I should be at theirs.”

On the 23rd the Macedonian offensive begun on the 11th came to an end and on the 24th the Allies moved into Palestine.

{next post 26th March}

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