GWL 21st March 1917

Peter turned up yesterday bringing with him the belt and the under-clothing and letter.  He seems to have had a really good time.  It was nice to see the lad again: he was looking really well.  We have been clipping hard for the last two days.  Mules and horses are walking about very shaven and shorn, but they look awfully well.  The weather is much warmer.  Yesterday in the sun it was quite hot.  I suppose before we know where we are we shall have summer upon us with its various beastlinesses.

Have you taken to heart the instructions re holiday?  Yesterday a book arrived from Mozzer, also “Love and Lucy”.  I will write to Mozzer.  I owe her one or two I am afraid.

On this day His Majesty’s Hospital Ship Asturias was torpedoed by U 66 off Start Point, Devon whilst en route from Avonmouth to Southampton. No patients were on board but more than 30 were killed.  She was beached at Bolt Head.  She was then used as a floating ammunition hulk. After the war she was refitted and renamed the Arcadia and sailed in the West Indies and Mediterranean until the 1930’s.


{next post 24th March}

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