GWL 19th March 1917

All the fools in the wide world seem to have gathered at this school during the last three weeks.  The instructors are nearly driven silly and so am I.  This afternoon I clipped a horse!  Very hard work indeed.  Not an amenable horse at all; we finally had to throw him.  The rate at which the useless animals on this estate multiply is amazing.  If those two bally birds had not turned out to be both cocks, by this time might at least have had an egg.  As it is, all we can show is 12 dogs & x+1 cats.

Fritz seems to be moving back.  Perhaps he will go to the St Quentin-Laon line.  There does not seem to be much advantage in his stopping before he gets there.  I have had a lovely hot bath to-day.  Absolutely clean at this minute.  I do want a refit.”

The line from St Quentin to Laon was a sector of the Hindenburg Line named by the Germans the Alberich Stellung.

{next post 21st March}

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