GWL 16th March 1917

Much better weather.  Yesterday was one of those lunatic days spent in hunting figures.  People ask for things that only two minutes to ask for but about 2 days to work out.  The only reason they are wanted is because “it would be rather interesting!” Great things on the Western Front, aren’t they?  In fact we seem to be doing well everywhere, even in this despised part of the world.  If you have any particular enemy, send him along at once and I can guarantee you will never see him or her again.  Now is the time!  Peter should be back soon now.  I have got an awful crowd of old men here now, they break my heart sometimes.”

On March 14th The Germans began a planned retreat to a line of heavily reinforced defences, the Hindenburg Line.  In the process they created as much damage as possible to delay the Allied advance.



{next post 21st March}

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