GWL 11th March 1917

Went to a small prance last night.  A good prance, but I was awfully tired.  Dancing in marching boots and puttees, however light and airy the fairy, is very hard work.  My engaged subaltern has gone to hospital!  Of course he has gone to the right hospital.  More puppies – Four more turned up last night.  Heaven only knows what they will turn out to be.  I am awfully glad Miss Meiklejohn came to see you.  I have been wondering what K. was doing these days?  What exactly is she going to do the land?

Just heard about Bagdad, isn’t it splendid?  The trouble about this war seems to be that nothing anybody does seems to make much difference.

What about a holiday for you?  You have not had one since the summer and you have been working hard ever since.  Take one, if you can, even if it is only a week.”

On March 11th British Indian Army Forces under General Maude entered Baghdad after a two year, often fierce, campaign.


Entry of British Forces into Baghdad on March 11th 1917.

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