GWL 9th March 1917

Yesterday was a pretty awful day.  It blew like the devil.  T0-day is fine and much warmer.  Everybody has colds.  You never know what to wear.  One day it freezes and snows and the next it is cooking hot.  I have got a beauty, much nose blowing but no real harm in it.

A most annoying thing happened the other night.  A mouse walked into my mouse trap – Strolled round the interior and then walked out – Apparently he was not hungry.  I ascertained afterwards that about 1/2 a candle had gone.  A lot of annoying things happened the following morning.  A red book slipped into my shaving water and on preparing to scrape my face, I found a gory mixture awaiting me.  I thought my servant was trying to be funny, but he said he wasn’t.  The “Morning and Evening Hate” has been considerably improved, by playing the thing at twice the correct pace.  It does sound like a noise a band might conceivably produce now.  Before it was awful.”

During early March the first minor actions of the year took place.  The French launched an offensive against Monastir on 11th March.

{next post March 11th}

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