GWL 4th March 1917

Most awfully busy.  It is wonderful how quickly they can spring things on you when they want to.  I am glad Peter has arrived home safely.  This present rush will last about a fortnight, I think;  and then things should become normal again.  We had our goose for dinner last night.  He was very good indeed.  A lovely day – There’s that much to be thankful for.  I hear Vicary is going on leave too.  I have not seen him yet but hope to.  Did the concert go off all right?  Brother Boche seems to be making a move backwards in France.  The leathery and licentious Bulgar seems pretty stationary here.

My dear old coat that I got in Winchester, a century or two ago has had to be patched at the elbows.  Some of the strapping off an old pair of breeches has done the trick.  It looks quite saucy again.”

The backward move by the Boche referred to was the withdrawal of German forces in the Ancre sector of the Somme front.  Following the winter stagnation on the Western Front the Allied forces had increased activity in this area.

{next post 9th March}

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