GWL 27th February 1917

An exciting day.  Fritz flew over this afternoon, 15 strong, to pay us a visit.  He arrived about tea time but did not stay long.  He left one or two cards & also an aeroplane.  Why he has not done it before heaven only knows.  I am glad to hear that Peter has arrived safely.  I caught a mouse last night.  Charming little fellow.  He ate the tail out of a shirt, so he must have died happy; feeling that his work was done – 

We had a subscription in the mess the other night to buy some gramophone records and an officer went down to see what he could get.  He only raised one.  Something very good by a German fellow.  It is really awful!  The two sides of the record are now known as “the morning and evening Hate”.

On the 25th the SS Laconia was sunk by a German U-boat west of the Fastnet Rock while returning to England from the US.  She was carrying 75 passengers.  Of the six passengers who died, two were US citizens from Chicago.  This helped tilt the balance of public opinion in the US towards entering the War on the side of the Allies.


{next post 4th March}

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