GWL 22nd February 1917

Finger practically all right now……… My sergeants have just been playing a football match against another crowd and by some means managed to win.  Frightfully pleased with themselves.  The world seems to go round inspite of the things that go in it.  I hope you will get enough to eat.  Personally I have never weighed the amount of meat I propose to eat during the week, but I think it would work out at rather more than the allowance.”


Really a glorious day.  Just a slight frost this morning and nice & brisk sort of day afterwards…….We have rechristened “Tommy”, the mule that killed the lamb, the “Hun”.  His frightfulness continues.  He ‘strafes’ everything smaller than himself.  The puppies are very fine but they have not got their eyes open yet, which is eccentric of them, as they are ten days old.  By very crafty shikar and a considerable expenditure of ammunition we bagged 2 geese the other day.  The cat ate one.  Not bad going for quite a small cat.”

Despite German U-boats sinking 230 ships carrying food to Britain during this month, supplies held up and a record harvest in 1917 meant that official rationing wasn’t introduced until 1918.

{next post 27th February}

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