GWL 19th February 1917

Forgive a very badly written letter but I have managed to get my fingers shut in the breech of a Hotchkiss gun and it has not done them much good, or much harm, for that matter.  It is really nothing – only the bandage makes writing rather hard.  No news at all.  Two of the mules, Charles Chaplin and Thomas, have gone quite dotty.  Yesterday the latter killed a lamb! To-day the pair of them rounded up a donkey & drove it into a hole.  Also this afternoon the whole crowd off them hunted a French officer out of the camp.  Quite nice and fine again.  Rather cold wind, but you expect that now.  “The Spanish Jade” I like very much and the ‘Turnstile” too.  The inoculation went all right.  Rather a sick hound for a day or two, but nothing much.”

A Spanish Jade was written by Maurice Hewlett and published in 1908.  It was subsequently made into a silent film in 1922.  Maurice Hewlett’s wife Hilda became the first person in the UK to gain a pilot’s licence in 1911.

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