GWL 17th February 1917

Have had a slight cold but nothing much, nearly all right now.  Absolutely not a scrap of news.  I suppose Peter is now home, bless his heart.  I think the end of the war is the only thing that will pull me out of this bally country.  These beastly old men are giving all the trouble they can, just at present.  They get bouts of it.  They are not worth their keep.  They are supposed to be medically unfit for work up the line but they are plenty fit enough to be a damned nuisance.  Their names are Molloy; O’Keefe; Brennen; & Mcloughlin.  Pardon a thoroughly rattled officer, but I sometimes think that it is a pity St Patrick stopped short at the snakes.

I hope your concert will go well.  I should love to hear you sing.  Caught a mouse last night which I gave to the cat.  Your cat seems to be doing good work.  One of our hounds produced a family the other day.  But contrary to all wartime statistics she produced 8 girls and only 1 boy.  She has been reprimanded”

{next post 19th February}

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