GWL 14th February 1917

Very windy.  Last night about 6.30 two lone damsels appeared in camp and announced that they were lost on the hills!  Apparently they had been adrift since 11 0’c and had had nothing to eat.  Intense excitement.  They came from one of the English hospitals & feared the worst from their matron.  It was all rather fun.  We fed them in the orderly room and tried to telephone to their hospital but of course the blessed thing would not work.  They had done about 25 miles when they arrived here, and had about another six home.  Having fed them, doctor and I started to walk them home.  Passing the 1st C. H. we had a brilliant idea.  We dug the matron out of a whist drive and demanded a car.  Their car had refused duty, so she telephoned.

” Now here comes the funny part.  Perhaps you know the difference between a stationary hospital & a general hospital?  It does not matter in the least if you don’t.  Anyhow there is a stationary & a general hospital here, both with the same number.  The message went to the general instead of the stationary.  They sent a car to pick up their lost sheep, as they supposed, so fast that to broke a spring.  The poor driver arrived to find they were not his sisters at all.  All the same he took them home.  And so home – And this morning up rides their C.O. to say thank you; which I thought was extraordinarily nice of him.  Not many would have bothered. 

There is no more news – I wish it was not so cold.  There is a covey of partridges round here that we are trying to shoot, but they live on the top of a very high hill.  As far as I am concerned they can stay there.”

The British Government announces in the House of Commons that the restitution of Alsace-Lorraine is a war aim.  The British Government also inform the Japanese Government that they will honour Japanese claims to German possessions north of the equator if the Japanese will reciprocate south of the equator.

February continued to be a quiet month in the campaign.

{next post 17th February}


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