GWL 12th February 1917

How are you to-day?  After two lovely days it is a bit colder to-day & some more snow seems about.  I am sorry the letter with the Christmas festivities has been lost.  We owe anything Christmasie on Christmas Day to the 1st C.H [Cameron Highlanders].  They really were awfully good.  On Christmas Eve we were ordered to go down and help decorate their mess which we did.  Quite a good job of it too.  Next day we each had a present, I had a little black devil, a piece of holly, a French picture postcard, some sticky stuff and a sort of squeaky thing.  The cat had a ball.  At mid-day we had our Christmas dinner.. The Staff had theirs in the evening.  They made a lot of noise and seemed to be enjoying themselves.  We went down to the Hospital for a concert in the afternoon and tea afterwards.  It was a perfect day as far as weather went.  I should love another Christmas in England.  1909 was the last one.

I have a slight cold, due in part to having my hair cut during a snowstorm.  My engaged subaltern had a go of fever the other day.  Much weeping & gnashing of teeth.”

{next post 14th February}

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