GWL 9th February 1917

The butter and the cake are both excellent.  We had some for tea to-day.  Still much snow up in our hills but it has all gone in the plain.  It feels as if it is going to freeze.  This morning there was ice inside the tents.  Don’t have much time to turn round in these days.  As fast as one lot go another comes in and while they are here there is no peace at all.  A very merry lot the last crowd.  I wonder if Peter is home yet.  I am afraid the poor old mules have been having rather a rough time these last few days.  I have got a sort of high corrugated iron enclosure where they live and the standing is pretty good, but it must be beastly cold.

I had a wretched shave this morning.  The bally razor would not cut.  Much cursing & swearing.  Millions of rooks and jackdaws assailed the camp this afternoon.  They seemed awfully busy, but what the deuce they found., I don’t know.  I had a letter from Arthur the other day, he seemed in good form.  He was seen on New Years Day in the midst of a great beans at a certain Brigade H.Q. apparently the leading light.  He is a great soul.

What about the Yankees this time, I wonder?”

The last comment refers to the break in diplomatic relations between the United States and Germany.

{next post 12th February}

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