GWL 7th February1917

Such a night.  Snowing like mad and simply bitter.  I am sorry the letter between the 5th & 10th is missing, because in it I think I told you that Miss Meiklejohn was coming on leave and that I had given her your address in case she wanted a cup of tea.  Peter should be nearly home by now.

Writing rather bad but it is beastly cold.  The weather upsets our work here very badly indeed.  The inevitable has happened.  One of my officers has got engaged.  I forgot if I told you this tremendous bit of news before or not.  Anyhow tremendous excitement.  He vanishes as soon as his work is done.  What a world it is.”

Between the 3rd and 5th the Siwa Oasis engagement took place between British forces under the command of Brigadier-General H W Hodgson using early armoured cars and Sayed Ahmed with approximately 1,200 Senussi forces.  The Senussi retreated from the oasis but lost 40 fighters in associated skirmishes.  The Siwa Oasis became the base for the Long Range Desert Group in WW11 which became an integral part of the formation of the SAS.

{next post 9th February}

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