GWL 4th February 1917

A really glorious day after all the rain.  A whole heap of wild flowers have come out and it is very hard not to tread on them.  I wonder if the hun can be more hunnish than he is already.  I expect he has done all he can do all right.  The camp is full of dogs, of all sorts and sizes.  Yesterday I went into Salonica.  Had tiffin and went to a very thrilling cinema.  We spend a good deal of time trying to get a shot at the geese as they fly over.  But so far they have short-headed us.  They fly rather high too.

That pupil of yours must be a very plucky fellow – How the deuce he could do it, I can’t think.  Taking things all round we are very lucky in this camp.  Things are pretty dry, while on the plain the mud is perfectly awful.”

On the 3rd February the United States severed relations with Germany.

{next post 7th February}

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